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Eat Less Sodium: Quick tips

Nine out of 10 Americans eat more sodium (salt) than they need. Too much sodium increases your risk for health problems like high blood pressure.

To eat less sodium, you don’t have to make lots of changes at once. If you cut back on sodium little by little, your taste for salt will change with time.

Use these tips to help lower the amount of sodium in your diet.

Know your sodium limit.

Ask your doctor how much sodium is okay for you. The general guidance is:

Check the label.

Shop for low sodium foods.

Prepare your meals with less sodium.

Get less salt when you eat out.

Add more potassium to your diet.

Replace high-sodium foods with high-potassium foods. Eating foods with potassium can help lower your blood pressure. Good sources of potassium include potatoes, cantaloupe, bananas, beans, milk, and yogurt.